The O way

We experiment with ideas, and then take it on ourselves to make them happen. Our work doesn’t always fit a mold or a category, and neither do we. We’d like to call ourselves ‘the experimental idea agency’.

Whilst we haven’t yet found the Big Idea that will change the world (we’re working on it though) we’ve come up with more than a few that have changed our clients business.



We believe our role is to get the right message to the right people in the most effective way.  That means treating communication as a holistic process that requires a multitude of channels. The art is choosing the right ones and making them work in synergy towards the same goal.  ‘Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts’ as someone famous said once.

We start every project with a little science to understand the dynamics at work.  Like any science this requires observation, understanding and insight. And whilst our researchers and brand strategists don’t wear white coats they can if you prefer!

Only after understanding the dynamics of our clients’ business and brand do we start the creative process to connect with customers. This is where the creative teams are let loose to weave their magic.

We call this creative chemistry and we treat it as our motto, our ‘how-to’ and our ‘why’.  It’s targeted creativity, built on real understanding, resulting in tangible outcomes.

Our promise

We promise to challenge the initial brief, read between the lines, always go back to the question ‘why’, and think of new, unusual solutions that will solve your problem more efficiently.