Here are our top 5 marketing tips for 2017 to make sure it’s a successful one.

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Get on board with content marketing

It’s hardly a new trend but few in the Middle East region have fully embraced the power of content.  Producing relevant timely content and effectively distributing it through multiple channels is the future of marketing, let there be no mistake. But it’s more than just writing a few blogs a month and posting it on your website hoping someone will find it.  Tools like Hubspot allow you to pimp up your content into a truly inbound marketing approach not only dramatically improving its effectiveness but also allowing you to measure precisely your results.  Those brave enough to divert just some of their traditional marketing budget into a proper inbound strategy will get the edge on their competitors and in this market benefit from early adopter advantage.

Move your advertising online

Those committed to advertising will continue the rapid trend towards online as the dominant medium.  All the stats are pointing to the fact than online advertising, PPC, banner ads, SEM will overtake television as the largest advertising medium within the next 1-2 years.  It already grew 16% in the last year from 30% to 34%.  The reasons are rather obvious but for those not yet onboard Internet advertising is more targeted, provides more engagement, allows you to pay on performance (PPC), and is a whole lot more measurable.  Not to mention the fact that use of online media and communication in the GCC region is above world averages so it’s clear that’s where your target audience is spending their time.

Harness the power of social media influencers

Like it or not social media influencers do have influence.  They are the new journalists. Despite the fact that many are paid for their opinion, the smart ones who maintain their credibility can seriously sway buyer preference.  Marketers have always aspired to achieve good word of mouth referrals and influencers are the modern version but with thousands or even millions of times the reach.

Engage your audience through events and activations

It’s true our growing technology driven lives means more people communicating through electronic devices, picture the typical scene of people sitting together in a café not talking but chatting to someone elsewhere on social media; nevertheless we are in the end still humans who like to interact and engage with each other.  So where you have a small target audience you want to reach i.e. media, influencers, key stakeholders, partners or even consumers there is no substitute for direct engagement through entertaining innovative events and activations.  In the UAE there is still a strong desire from clients for the tangible physicality of events such as product and media launches. The key is to offer something entertaining, informative and dare I say it unique.

Embrace an Omni Channel approach

With so many options to communicate to your audience these days the really smart marketers recognise the need to adopt an integrated approach.  You have to assume your audience will come across your communication and brand through various mediums so it’s crucial to coordinate these efforts and ensure there is a consistent message.  Tools such as Hubspot allow you to take a more Omni channel approach in the online environment by synchronising your website content, social media activity, digital advertising and direct marketing.