Is your brand going on holiday too ?

By Shereen Shabnam, Head of PR for octOpus

brandThe summer holidays are coming. It is happy news to some especially those going on a long overdue holiday. It is a time that we get a break, free our minds, relax, get a suntan and come back looking better and feeling more refreshed and full of energy and spark; or at least that’s the intention.  It is a way to stop ourselves becoming stale and ineffective in the workplace

Just like you, your brand may also get weary and become less productive and therefore in need of the same kind of makeover that a holiday provides. But rather than switching off and disappearing off the scene, what your brand may need is to get active this summer. That might mean being more visible while all your competitors are asleep or using the time to do some needed housekeeping.

Below are activities you can include in your brand’s summer camp from Dubai based Marketing and Brand specialists, Stuart Higton and Robert Kellner, Partners at Octopus, a Branding and Communications boutique agency. Find out with the quick quiz below if your brand is bored and in need of a holiday.

Quiz: Is Your Brand Bored And In Need Of A Holiday?

If you’ve answered ‘No’ to two or more questions above, then your brand may be in need of a makeover. A summer camp of sorts that will have it coming back looking healthy, acting rejuvenated and performing more productively.

Give Your Brand A Refresh

Make use of the holiday season to focus efforts on giving your brand a refresh. Review what needs to change about your and healthy to take on the competition.  It may mean a different approach to your key messaging, a new channel to reach an untapped potential audience, a newly designed look and feel or even an updated logo.

Work Smart While Your Competitors Are Away

Start planning a summer holiday season marketing campaign now. It’s the perfect time to engage your target audiences, and to do some fun and unique brand activations visibility and drive engagement while your competitor brands are relaxing on a beach.

The secret ingredient is to show genuine appreciation for your target audiences and customers, and to engage with them in a memorable way. You may be short-staffed but a little pre-planning, scheduling, and delegating will work to your advantage and your partner agency should be able to supplement your resources.

Avoid The Spf, It’s The Time For More Exposure

Don’t throw away your sunscreen yet, we’re talking about your brand’s ‘Sales Plummet Factor’. Okay, we made that up. But what we’re trying to say is to let the sun shine on your brand this summer. Plan for advertising and promotion, and go strong on social media and email marketing campaigns. Most of your competitors won’t do this so the coast is clear. There is still a lot of your customers that are not traveling. It’s a good time to reestablish relationships. So plan a brand awareness campaign for prospects, send out personalized holiday greetings for current clients, reward those who are loyal, touch base with past clients, or advertise promotions.  You’ll get a lot of mileage out of your marketing and branding activities now!

Set Up Your Content Before You Set Up Your ‘Out Of Office’

Make sure you have all your content ready and available for the holiday season before you log out for a few weeks. Your customers may be going on holiday too, but it’s the digital-era and they are always-on. You don’t want to be still featuring Ramadan messages when it’s Eid. That goes for your digital your content and marketing communication across each channel. On digital channels, ad automation can be powerful for time-sensitive campaigns for example, like holiday promotions.

It’s The Time To Socialize And Interact

We all want real-time human interaction, and this cannot be automated. This is the time to be even more responsive with your audiences. While most brands are absent on holiday, you’ll win a lot of loyalty if you are still around and there for your audience! Talk to your PR or digital agency about optimizing your brand for this special time of the year.

Bottom Line

Don’t shy away from brand optimization and marketing if your business is not in a ‘high-season’ holiday industry. We’re not advocating that you don’t spend time with your families either – of course not. You really need to take a holiday (you really do).

We’re just reminding you that there are many opportunities your brand can take advantage of while other brands don’t and won’t, and that relying on successful partnerships could allow you to have a fantastic time with your family and your business bottom line.

**This article was published in the April – May 2016 issue of Capital Business